Our customers are talking about us and we're grinning ear to ear!

There's a lot of satisfaction in manufacturing value-packed, high-quality bakery and food service equipment. But when our customers take the time to tell us how they feel, it's "the icing on the cake!" All of us at LVO wish to thank all of our customers for their patronage and kind words.

"...we’re extremely happy with the speed and quality of the response from LVO whenever we require replacement parts or maintenance...."

It’s really astounding how easy it is to forget to be grateful when you have a piece of equipment that just works. We’ve been using our LVO 36 Rack Pot and Pan Washer for three years now, 16 hours a day, 5 days a week in our commercial bakery, and haven’t yet found a reason to complain.

It’s a high capacity machine, but in spite of the size of the washing cavity, the pans get washed evenly throughout, without any hot or cold spots. It has never failed us when it came to satisfying the standards of the health department; it even has a backup tank to ensure a constant supply of hot water regardless of the conditions of our shop. While other machines might fail, it keeps going, day in and day out. The health department has never had a problem with our machine; it always gets the job done.

The best part of the machine might just be the company itself. In spite of how infrequently we need it, we’re extremely happy with the speed and quality of the response from LVO whenever we require replacement parts or maintenance.

All in all, it’s just nice to have the peace of mind that everything is going to be clean without having to constantly worry about it, so we can spend more time on growing our business and less time on maintenance.

Thank you!


Allan Ratman, Owner
Katella Bakery

"We would never consider another manufacturer..."

Our family owns 3 bakeries. We have a lot of equipment between them to maintain and repair. Out of all of the equipment we have, our dishwashers have required the least amount of repairs and maintenance. If ever we have questions or need a part, their service and parts department are very helpful and knowledgeable. We have 3 different models – a 10 pan, 36 pan and a rack machine. We would never consider another manufacturer – LVO is the best.

Paul Manderfield

Manderfield's Home Bakery

Appleton, Wisconsin

"Their product works efficiently, effectively, and is durable."

I own a bread company and needed an immediate solution to achieve finished product uniformity for a custom bread line while minimizing production time. In addition to those challenges, I was tasked with significantly reducing labor costs and individual arm strength required for my staff to properly sheet the dough prior to cutting it while maximizing process efficiency. My answer came once I purchased the LVO 9-foot SM224 Production Table, Sheeter/Moulder! Not only was LVO able to deliver on their specialty, but they were able to solve and correct what would have been a catastrophe created by incorrect equipment specs from a 3rd party rotary dough cutting product. Their product works efficiently, effectively, and is durable. Last, I must applaud the customer service that they provide as it is what my parents and grandparents say no longer exists, but I can now respond with this fact that it is rarely found, but it is definitely part of the LVO brand.


Thank you,

Edward L. Laws, BA, CFPM

Founder/Managing Member
Jon Brioche


"You and your people build a great machine." 

It suddenly came to me today, as I sat here at the bakery counting my blessings, that I never wrote to you with regard to our LVO Panwasher.

The FL-14 in our shop was purchased about four years ago. We wash everything in it! Besides pans, we also wash 140-quart bowls, buckets, hand tools, racks, and much, much more. Our LVO Panwasher runs about twelve hours a day, six days a week, and the only repair, since we purchased it, was a small timer.

You and your people build a great machine. Your service department is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the customer.

The LVO Panwasher is so much a part of our production, that I hate to think of being without it.

Thanks for everything!

John Ward, President
National Baking Co., Inc.

"...your customer service is only exceeded by the quality of this machine..."

I would like to comment on the LVO sheeter moulder.
During the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to purchase three of these machines from your company and in each case, I have been treated as a lifetime customer.

I find that your customer service is only exceeded by the quality of this machine. The design, use, and cleaning of the sheeter is perfect in most every situation for any baker regardless of the size of the production.

Thank you for building a great product


Joseph P. Hammill, Manager
Sunshine Mountain Bakery

"...I found it to be everything I had hoped for and more..."

I just want to take a few moments to thank you for your assistance in helping me decide which pan washer was best for my needs. As you may recall I purchased a LVO FL-14 from you just before Christmas to be delivered right after the first of the year. My experience with any new equipment is that it takes awhile to get everything adjusted and working correctly. However, I was so surprised at how easy the LVO FL-14 was to use and it worked perfectly from the very first moment that we powered it up. Prior to deciding on your machine, I was concerned that the step up to just a 14 pan washer from my old 10 pan (from a different company) would not be enough. I was so impressed with how the LVO FL-14 was so much more efficient that the other machines that I had looked at. The simplicity and efficiency of this machine is truly remarkable and the capacity was just exactly what I needed.

I also purchased an LVO sheeter / moulder 18 or 20 months ago and without question I found it to be everything I had hoped for and more. One of my bakers had worked with your sheeter / moulder while he was employed by one of my competitors and was really sold on how good a job it did for him. When it came time for me to start upgrading my old equipment I quickly gave you a call and the rest is "a satisfied baker".

As President of The Greater Southwest Retail Bakers Association and a member of the Board of directors for The Retailer's Bakery Association, I often get asked my opinion of new equipment and how it performs under real bakery conditions. I feel very comfortable recommending your equipment in design, faction, and reliability. Over the past 19 years, I have dealt with many companies and never have I felt such confidence as I have in LVO.

Sincerely, Larry E. Merritt
Merritt's Bakery